What it’s like to come off SSRIs

There may come a time when you’d like to try to come off your anxiety or depression medication. Maybe it’s destroying your desire to do human sexy times. Maybe it’s making you feel worse than you did before. Or maybe things have gotten better for you and you want to see if you still need them. For me, it’s the last one. This is a journal-ish kinda-thing of my experiences trying to come off my SSRIs.

What To Do When Your Partner Wants to Kill Themself

Someone you care about just told you they want to kill themself.

Maybe it was a joke. Maybe they said it choking back tears. Maybe they said it in a rage. Maybe they muttered it under their breath.

We’re taught pretty early on to take this kind of threat very seriously.

But, if you’re a human, you’ve probably felt this way before too.

How to Calm Your Anxiety Before Bed [Activity]

Here’s an activity you can do when you’re feeling anxious and can’t sleep. It’s good for people with anxiety or depression who have trouble shutting down their brain so they can sleep. Sleep is pretty essential for your mental health so being able to effectively unload those anxious thoughts and get to bed is super important.

When Your Partner Has Anxiety: A Meltdown Guide

What can you do when your partner is having a panic attack or extremely depressed? The Meltdown Guide was created to help people who are in love with people who struggle with anxiety and depression so they can feel helpful when their partner is spiraling.

11 Ways to Feel Less Broken

If you are struggling with depression, maybe don’t spend 70 hours in one week interviewing people about what it is like to live with mental illness. Maybe don't go on live television either.

Meltdown Guide 2.0

That's right my little anxiety ridden buddies, it's time to get to work. I knew when I posted the guide that it wouldn't be for everyone. We are all so wonderfully different. I'm glad we were able to have that conversation. But let's not stop talking yet.